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Thriller short film Pay Attention

In his directorial debut, Corey Jackson double duties as Cinematographer in this Hitchcockian style thriller made for modern day obstacles. An intimate family portrait about the invasive distractions of social media in a struggling marriage.  Written by Mary Beth Eversole Pay Attention, is a story of grave consequences from seeking escapism outside of the redundancy of daily parenthood. In addition to writing the screenplay, Mary Beth also passionately brings a refreshing honesty to the lead of Katie, a mother coping with her own loneliness and complacency, unaware of the lurking eyes of a menacing stranger, Travis played brilliantly by Heston Mosher, he was able to give this character a coldness that is further highlighted by his critical relatability.  Shawn McDonald helms the familiar role of Producer, with a goal of bringing the script into a realistic world, while helping Corey create a tense atmosphere reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock films like Psycho, Rear Window, or Cape Fear by Martin Scorsese. Caleb Jon Jensen is in the cockpit as Director of Photography for his 5th film in a row, working in a truly creative harmony with Corey, setting up each scene with well-planned shots that make for a more thrilling pace throughout 20-minute runtime. As completion of the edit wraps from months of dedication and work, we're excited to share our collaboration alongside MBE Productions with the world, and fingers crossed, some film festivals.      

PA v2 copy.jpg
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