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Recently widowed, and desperate for the truth, Stanley (Casey Likes) confronts Leonard (Nick Holland), a man he suspects of killing his wife and son, with the help and occult powers of Nancy The Necromancer (Samantha Scott).

"Linen" is a Horror/Noir story Written and Directed by Shawn McDonald and Co-Produced with Cinematographer Caleb Jon Jensen. 

One of our most ambitious projects, from building sets and making props to custom period era costuming and Special Fx make up.  

Starring: Nick Holland, Samantha Scott, Casey Likes, Nicole Page, Danny Kilgore, Raegan DeBord, Jaes McDonald.


Huge shout out to our Mega-Helpful Production Assistant Jordan Larson, who will always have a place with us!

Ben Thompson has contributed some of his many artistic talents, to which we're grateful, which shall remain a mystery for now.

(Short Film)