Mercy Kill

An aging Madam requests an unusual hit from the Enforcer of her Denver crime family. Starring Ben Martinez and

Maru Garcia, Written and Directed by Shawn McDonald.

(Drama/Short Film)

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Premiering in April

Recently widowed, and desperate for the truth, Stanley (Casey Likes) confronts Leonard (Nick Holland), a man he suspects of killing his wife and son, with the help and occult powers of Nancy The Necromancer (Samantha Scott).


"Linen" is an award winning Horror/Noir Short Film Written and Directed by Shawn McDonald.

(Horror/Noir, Short Film)

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An intimate look into the life of a young Denver Sign Painter named Pearl. After learning of her estranged Fathers passing, Pearl must decide to pick up the pieces left by the man who abandoned her, or to leave her many questions unanswered. Starring Brittney Carpenter as Pearl!

(Drama/Short Film)

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 A disheartened Veteran and College Student Wes Wright, travels to an under-privileged community in South Africa, that is being negatively affected by a changing world. Here he will meet someone that will change his life forever. (Documentary)

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