Our new Short Film "Taste The Blood of The Ninja" is set to begin production in mid-Summer 2021. "Ninja" will be a Horror/Action film.

Available Roles:


Child Vampire ( Boy ages 5-7)

Bikers (Any, ages 20-60)

Militia/Gunman (Any, ages 20-50)

Belly Dancer (Woman ages 20-35)

Cult Members (Any,  ages 20-70)

Retired Military (Any, ages 50-60)

Guerrilla Fighter/ Cartel (Man, ages 20-45, Latin)

Military Police (Any, ages 20-50)

Roller Skater (Woman, 20's)

Government Agent/Suit (Man, ages 40-70)

Cult Survivor (Woman, ages 20-35)

Ninja Clan Member (Any, ages 18-45)

Military, Weapons or Martial Arts background or training is a plus! (seeking 4-6 actors/extras, ages 18-45)

Vampires (seeking 3-5 actors extras, ages 18-75)


Red Ninja.jpg

We would love to work with reliable, flexible and positive film-lovers.  If you would like to join us for future projects and production, please send us a message here or below.

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