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Production nearly wrapped on our first feature film, "Taste The Blood Of The Ninja". 

When production began back in July 2021, if you had told us that we would still be filming in May of 2022, we would have probably panicked and ran for the hills. Over the last year, we've gained a lot of wisdom while working on this project, fully committed to doing our best work possible, maybe the most important lesson. Our edit had a chance to keep up with our filming, giving us opportunities to work on killer pre & end credit sequences.


We worked with over 70 actors and crew on this project, created dozens of sets, and shot in locations all over Colorado. Miniatures  were built for locations we couldn't find in Colorado, like a World War 2 trench in Poland, an alleyway in San Francisco's Chinatown and an underground Vampire Crypt with coffins.

Taste The Blood Of The Ninja spans over a few different eras, from the 40's to current day, making stops in 70's, 80's and 90's. Caleb Jon and Corey Jackson used a lot of different lighting and cinematography styles to give each time period its own authentic feel. We wanted to take the audience on a dark adventure with this picture,  "as a director I want to bring you to 1974 San Francisco, to drink Absinthe with a handsome 600 year old vampire, for the scene I drew inspiration from The Doors by Oliver Stone and  The Love Witch by Anna Biller" -Shawn McDonald.

Music and Sound have played a vital role in our editing process, roaring race tracks and crashing sword fights make for exciting sound design. The score accompanies scenes of vampire black masses, with swells of atmospheric black metal woven into classical horror arrangements, evocative of Hammer Horror films of the 1960's.

Starring Bronte Bauer as "Hazel Greer", who goes from quiet Marine Corp Private to studying the art invisible warrior, Ninjitsu. At 4'10" Bauer manages to bring a new type of ninja, in contrast to the taller male 1980's actors in films like Enter The Ninja and American Ninja.  We wanted to give a lady ninja more of an emotional dimension than you're used to seeing in a hero like this. Bronte is able to be vulnerable as "Hazel", but as soon as that Ninja uniform goes on, she becomes a stone cold assassin. 

At the helm of the horror ensemble, Adam Armstrong plays "Vasha" immortal vampire, sadistic cult leader and lover to a most enchanting "Sophia", played by the lovely Rachel Waite, who could definitely  play 1950's campy tv host Vampira, hmmm?

Chloe' Colleen plays fellow Marine Corps pal "Lori", who gives the story some smart comedic beats one moment, anger, tension and terror the next.

After meeting with the charming and brilliant Byron Thompson, we knew we had our "Sarge" character, he reminds us a lot of Louis Gossett Jr. in Iron Eagle. We got to talk about a lot of classic movies on set, Byron knows the good shit too!

Every time we've cast actor/comedian Nick Holland in our films, he's exceeded all of our expectations. As militia leader, "Clyde" watches over the vampire cult, Nick makes some cool gear shifts with the role, he's intimating as he is funny. He's a great set guy, kept everyone in high spirits.


We're on track for a fall premiere, with a full trailer in June. 

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